Decisions Based on Values

There is an endless number of HUGE powerhouse VCs, PE Firms, and Hedge Funds competing for business.  We look at the entrepreneur, founder, and business owner in the same light we looked at ourselves over two decades ago when we started.    

Just regular people, trying to figure out how to start, grow, and scale a startup so we could feed our family.   

Our mission is to help Founders of Real American businesses grow and scale using a unique mix of startup experience, operational skills, and exit knowledge.    

When we look at new opportunities, we peel the onion 🧅 a bit deeper and vet opportunities against our Core Value system.    Our Core Values defines our Who, Why, and How.    

We call it the 4-Fs…  👉 – Faith 👉 – Family 👉 – Flag 👉 – Freedom    

Selling a businesses or bringing on partners (aka Investors) is scary, tricky, and stressful.    

✅ If you need advice, help, or just an encouraging word, reach out to our team because we love to talk shop and we’ve got some amazing members of our community that love helping the Entrepreneur, Founder, and Business Owner.   #BSV #founders #startup #business

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