Remember Legos? Let’s Compare it to Venture Building

Did ya’ll play with Legos as a kid or ever just “build” stuff?

Lego Building and Venture Building – The BlackSmith

Man, Lego’s were my jam. I had 2 or 3 buckets of random pieces that I’d put together and just build stuff.

It took 4 Ingredients to do that:

1️⃣ – A big dream

2️⃣ – A playbook / framework of “how”

3️⃣ – YOU (the Operator, team, or individual to put the pieces together)

4️⃣ – An Investor (aka Partner to fund the build)

There’s a lot of similarities between Legos & Venture Building, which is maybe why I love this stuff so much.

Enjoy your weekend friends. Go build something cool… 😎

If you get stuck, reach out. I’ll be your wingman. Want to learn more about our BlackSmith Venture’s Launch Program? Click here

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