What is the BSV Launch Program?

Spent time this week with Team RemainSafe as they are navigating an entirely new regulatory landscape in the Storm Shelter Industry.  It’s a similar landscape that I saw in the #OilandGas industry in 👇 early 2010 so the playbook is familiar.


The BSV Launch Program was designed to help you Unleash Your Business Potential. We’ve taken a proven 20+ year track record in starting, operating, and exiting successful ventures and combined it with cutting-edge strategies and technologies.

The BSV Launch Program is designed to help you gain clarity on your business’s current state and find focus on what will drive growth.

Within the BSV Launch Program, we help you cultivate the right mindset and resourcefulness to take your business to new heights and make a lasting impact.

We’re essentially taking the tools we use inside the Foundry and offering them to other #founders, #entrepreneurs, and Business Owners.

Let’s connect if you’re interested in learning more.

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