Money Is Not Always The Answer

Putting out content will both attract (and repel) your tribe. I am “attracting” a ton of Founders & Entrepreneurs who think money will answer all their prayers. In all my successful ventures 👇

🚀 We sold our way to success 🚀

What does that mean?

It means, go find a customer, love on them, solve their problem, and use their success to propel your venture to the next success.

Quit thinking MONEY will solve all your startup’s problems…

Money is a clutch that enables you to continue your bad habits, decisions, and small-boy thinking…

Take the money away and see how creative you become and how the trajectory of your business changes.

Here are two examples of founders we work with:

1️⃣ Founder is unwilling to accept additional investment (EVEN THOUGH HIS INVESTORS WANT TO INVEST) because he first wants to enhance his attraction percentage 🚀

2️⃣ Founder is looking to 1st establish the team, partnerships, product/market fit THEN raise money to accelerate vs launch… 🚀

This is not easy to do alone… If you’re stuck, reach out… Let’s not discuss money… Let’s discuss your framework & playbook that is going to take your venture to the momentum phase.

Forge ahead, fellow founder…


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