Are You A Startup Founder Looking For Help To Scale Your Business?

Last Thursday, I mentioned that we’re building our Launch platform in real-time alongside you. Launch is a community-based peer group to help encourage, support, and grow like minded founders.

If you need clarity, community, and a shot of courage 

 Apply Today 

We’ve got groups kicked off in Chattanooga, Birmingham, Boston, and coming soon to Auburn and Atlanta…

Each group consists of experienced Founders / Entrepreneurs who simply need a sounding board, outside experiences, and some additional tools to get their business to momentum phase.

Typical Topics:
 – I’m struggling to reach my customers. What should I do?
 – Someone wants to acquire my venture. Is now the right time?
 – I have the wrong sales person. What do I do?
 – I’m stuck… Just need to talk to someone…
 – I just built my website. Let’s celebrate.

People are meant to be in relationship.
Suffering is minimized with community.
Wins are maximized with community.


– Built the website THEBLACKSMITH with the ability to have Founders Apply by filling out a simple form (we started getting applicants in all 3 cities through organic reach).

– Launched the YouTube channel BLACKSMITH ADVENTURES where I’ll post long(er) form content on exactly what we’re doing. Those videos will drop Monday’s and Thursdays with the first dropping later today.

– Meeting today with an expert to build out the media system (marketing) so we can amplify the attention machine with less effort.

– I’m away with the family this week so will start interviewing applicants next week (relationship building)

More to come…

Remember, the first step in any venture is to get clear, get loud, and get focused… Each of those are ACTION VERBS…

Love for you to follow along, join a group (if its a fit), and subscribe on YouTube


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