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As Entrepreneurs, How Do You Unwind?

I get asked a lot about how I unwind from all the “stuff” this entrepreneurial journey throws our way… Here’s my methods…

– Daily physical activity

– Daily time to think (GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to do this)

– Constant reminders about why I’m doing this…

– Tight network of people who support, encourage, and push me.

I’m focused on living my best life TODAY, while building my best life 10 years from now…

#Community is so important to me because:

 – when I suffer, they absorb the pain (think pain divided by the number of people in my community).  (PAIN IS LOWER)

 – when I win, they also win so the win gets multiplied.  (WIN IS EXPONENTIAL)

Find your tribe…

Visit if you want to learn more.

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