Chattanooga is Entrepreneurship, Today was for Entrepreneurs

Today started early with a 6:30am departure to head up toward Chattanooga, the “GIG CITY”…  🌆.  Chattanooga is a small, but wonderful town full of entrepreneurs, technology, and innovation.

The first meeting of the day was with a wonderful fella named “Leo”.  Leo has spent the last seven (7) years designing and patenting a manufacturing process for converting CO2 to Graphene.  

This is pretty incredible because CO2 is a greenhouse gas emission and if we can reduce CO2 while creating an element (i.e. Graphene) that is the strongest material known to man.

The second meeting today was with a mine discussing our patented AXL Eye technology.  

Then had a nice lunch with Jordan Triplett who is our social media rockstar… Make sure you try Basecamp in Chattanooga if you’re visiting.

We founded BlackSmith Ventures back in 2021 as a premier holding company to RemainSafe (Emergency Preparedness), CISTANT (Logistics), and Purified Simple Solutions (Clean Energy).  

Our goal is to help founders of Real American businesses grow and scale, using our startup experience, operational skills, and exit knowledge. 

We’re excited for what 2022 has in store for BlackSmith Ventures.

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