Creating a Revolution of “Blue Collar” Entrepreneurs…wanna join

It hit me this week the technology & trade intersection that we have created. One on hand is the “blue collar” worker – the blacksmith. 

On the other hand is technology & software – aka automation. I, sadly, spent the whole week telling everyone who would listen about a new ‘snippet’ software I was introduced to that allows me to automate my entire workflow 🤯. Couple that with landing pages, hubspot, google drive, lusha, etc and its been a huge week for automation in my world.

That’s all spectacular, UNTIL, you need the “blacksmith”. 

Two scenarios can happen as we stand in the middle of the intersection… 

👉 – We can automate until we simply overheat and boil over with efficiency (but everything real and tangible is broke)… 

👉 – Conversely, we can shun technology and get lapped by all the innovators and find ourselves complaining about change.

I’m here to suggest we embrace, with an open mind, change.

I’m also here to suggest we embrace, with a discerning mind, relationship. Forget white collar, blue collar, higher education, or vocation… Embrace relationship and celebrate each person for the work they do. 

Let’s go win the day, friends.

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