Do You Have a Business Playbook?

We hear a lot about about 90 day plans which are super important, but do you have a framework that you use inside your venture to ensure what you are focused on in those 90 days is moving the needle?

Let me know in the comments if so…. If not, I’ll share ours 

The goal with any framework (or playbook) is to minimize the noise, frustration, and that feeling of uncertainty we all get from time to time.

Here is one tool from that framework that has helped two of our companies attract B2B clients faster 

We call this the five (5) pillars of Launch:
(pro note: always focus on these in order of top to bottom)

  •  – Attract
  •  – Nurture
  •  – Convert
  •  – Delivery
  •  – Upsell, Resell, Expand Client Relationship

The goal of Attract is to make sure you are getting enough qualified leads at a reasonable cost.

When these companies stopped putting all their effort into “delivery” and focused 100% of their time on the customer, their wants, desires, and problems – amazing new doors opened up because of FOCUS.

As entrepreneurs, inventors, etc we are wired to solve problems. We must first start with the customer.

The side benefit to this is if you have investors putting money into your venture, you can show them the framework of success (aka Playbook) that you are using to Launch.


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