Does Open Minded Leadership Work?

As we begin to slow down for the holidays and 2021 comes to an end, I find it empowering to refocus on what we can control, what we can influence, and what we can impact. To get clear, I believe we must start with an open-minded mental state.

One of the greatest qualities of an Entrepreneur, Founder, or Business Owner is the ability to lead with an open mind. Here are the top five (5) attributes an open-mind brings in leadership:

👉 – Willingness to change, adapt, and pivot rapidly as new information, new opportunities, or new details are learned.

👉 – Willingness to learn from others (this has been my number 1 take-away from 2021). When you surround yourself with the best and brightest – you experience a level of acceleration like never before.

👉 – You see “failure” as a learning experience and a necessary component to reaching your maximum potential.

👉 – You’re able to challenge “limiting” beliefs. The most successful people ask questions and know they aren’t the smartest cookies in the room. This is often hard for us entrepreneurs, but a key ingredient in our success.

👉 – Being open to others ideas, perspectives, and experiences is a game changer… Surround yourself with others who challenge, accelerate, and motivate you. This can be a Mastermind group, Board of Directors, or simply a peer group.

If you are going to change the world, start by making sure you’re ready to change yourself… Let’s go win the day!

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