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Entrepreneurship is a Team Sport: Find Your Tribe

I hit the 50-yard line this week and turned 45 years old.  The last decade seems like a blur… Exited two businesses, started at least half a dozen more, and continue to be supported by my tribe.  

Those of us that call ourselves “entrepreneurs” have taken on one of the loneliest, challenging, and uncertain professions I’m aware of…

Every day, I speak to someone who is risking it all…  Heck this week, I’ve talked to two people who are looking at selling their family’s home to invest into their venture.

Without those around us that love us, support us, and endure our daily uncertainty this career choice would be empty…

Forge ahead fellow founder…and thank those around you that support, love, and encourage you…

Entrepreneurship is a team sport, and if you want to learn how our team works, connect with me, I’d be happy to share!

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