“Facing Fear” by Kevin Belz

What is the most terrified, run-for-your life scared you have ever been? 

For me, it’s Roger the Rooster. The following story is 100% truth.  

Growing up, one of the neighbors, Al, worked at a chicken house. He often brought home mutant chickens. Think 2 heads, 6 wings, 4 legs…yeah for realz, these creatures lived and existed.  

But, the one beast he had that defied logic was Roger The Rooster. Roger’s gift was he never stopped growing. I was a short 8-year-old kid and truthfully Roger was taller by nearly a foot….He had legs like bicycle grips, claws of a velociraptor. A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e? He was Chuck Norris x 10. Even Al feared that Rooster.  

Of course, it happened. Roger got loose. As the littlest kid (slowest runner) I knew I was dead meat. Imagine Jurassic Park and a charging Velociraptor, but real!….I turned, slipped and fell. The last thing I remember is Roger in the air, talons extended, launching toward me.

I did the only thing I could. I swung my toy cap gun at him…as luck (and the finger of God) would have it, I somehow connected. One swing, Roger flopped over. I had slain Roger. I broke out into tears. How was I gonna tell Al I had pistol-whipped his prize rooster? 

-The memory of slaying Roger still haunts me 
-I am still leery of chickens, especially roosters. Who’s the real chicken?  
– I prefer process, procedure & evaluative thinking…and no longer pack a cap gun. 
– Luck can change everything 
– Al was a forgiving and kind man 

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