Helping Real People Solve Real Problems is Why We Wake Up

Yesterday, I posted about the intersection between ‘the blacksmith’ and ‘automation’.  Today, I want to recognize two of our RemainSafe teammates who wake up every day (and stay up very late in Carol’s case) serving customers who desire human contact, human touch, and a good ole fashion phone call to learn how we can help them feel safer, more secure, and more confident.   

RemainSafe was Blacksmith Ventures first acquisition and this week we are proud to announce that we are moving into our new fabrication facility in Decatur, Alabama.   This means new job creation, new challenges, and new struggles to deal with but that’s what we have grown to love and expect on this journey through entrepreneurship.    

As entrepreneurs, we have the unique ability to forge creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset to MAKE REAL PRODUCTS and HELP REAL PEOPLE.  

If you are an ALABAMA resident, the State of Alabama just announced a Storm Shelter Tax Credit where you can get a 50% (up to $3,000) tax credit on your purchase of a ‘qualified’ storm shelter.  

Let’s go win the day Founders!

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