How Did We Raise Early Capital?

Here’s a Case Study on what we chose to do early on to set ourselves up to raise capital for our venture(s) 

Some Qualifiers:
– All my early ventures were bootstrapped (my own time and money), but I found this limits growth and speed. 

– Not being apart of Silicon Valley and not having a huge network are huge limiters when trying to attract capital.

– I don’t believe you should take anything other than the bare minimum to prove “product/market” fit.  I think you only raise capital from other people to scale.

So, we set out to establish the trust foundation early in three (3) distinct areas:

 We started with assembling the best Leadership Team and Board of Directors that we could.  We assembled a Board to build bench strength and depth.  We hired the best Operators who could work within our framework.  We hired openminded talent as employees.

 We focused on the Industries we knew and had experience in.

 We focused on the geographies and locations that were “familiar” to us (the South and Southeast for us is home court advantage).

The marriage point is when each partner (BSV + Investor) share the same affinity & trust in each category.  That’s were the financial magic happens.

I’m open to connecting with any Investor or Founder looking to make real impact in real American businesses.  Together is better…

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