How Do You Keep Your Focus?

I recently heard a really large and well followed “influencer” dispelling the notion of writing down your daily affirmation and documenting the things your grateful for in your life. Here is why I disagree 

If you’re a Founder, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner in an early stage venture, I’m betting there are some really hard parts of your day. I might even venture to say that most days have some version of uncertainty, suck-fest, or discomfort.

By simply writing down the three (3) things that would make today great each morning, I am now able to:

 Focus on what matters

 Prioritize the “what matters” into my calendar

This way, I drive my calendar and my calendar doesn’t drive me.

It’s a needle mover for your business.

Special Valentines Day shoutout to a friend, mentor, and all-around good dude – Steve Nudelberg – for shooting me a copy of “The 5 Minute Journal” for Christmas. You can catch Steve and Marc every weekday morning at 7:57 am on “The Daily Huddle” here on LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more, let’s connect.

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