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How Do You Keep Your Work-life Balance?

Do you find yourself struggling with always being “ON”?  Here are some tricks we’ve adopted that might help you avoid redlining…  

 Schedule and Prioritize Exercise (or whatever physical activity you enjoy)

 We embraced “Slack” to eliminate the “feeling” of I MUST RESPOND NOW…  It looks overwhelming at first, but appoint an expert to manage the flow.

 We brought on staff a Zapier expert… This allowed us to automate just about everything, which allows us to focus on what moves the needle.

 We have totally embraced “Virtual” working so we can work from any exotic location (or a coffee shop).  Some days I’m feeling the office setting and some days I enjoy being with the people…

 We need to set boundaries so others don’t steal our time.   You can train others to communicate the way you prefer…

 Lastly, delegate everything you possibly can.  This may be the hardest, but this is the unlock to going from “launching” to “momentum phase”.

I actually think that all the phone calls my kids hear and all the podcasts they listen to (b/c they’re in the car) have a positive impact on them…

What can you schedule today, that will make your Monday awesome?

If you want to hear more about how we can help you keep that Work-life balance, connect with me, I’d be happy to share!

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