How to Find Creativity

Are you a ‘busy’ entrepreneur?
Are you feeling less creative these days?
Here are the three (3) things I do to get creative 👇

👉 and win back my mindset…

We all know the moment or moments, right? You’re stuck, you’re stressed, you are so busy you can’t even think about stepping away.

I felt like this Friday afternoon. Super “busy” week, lots of unknowns, lots of possible directions, limited clarity, Christmas holiday season, eager to go faster, blah blah blah…

🛑 STOP 🛑

Turn off the computer, walk away, leave everything right where it is… I promise you it will be there when you get back.

Go for a walk, do 10 pushups, exercise (my current routine is Beachbody 645), run – anything that gets you out of your environment and heart pumping..

Get away (even if that just means to a new part of the office or house). Do something to change your ‘view’.

As an entrepreneur, founder, or businesses owner your customers and your team need the “BEST” you – not “MORE” of you.

So, back to Friday afternoon… I’ve spent the last 24 hours…

👉 watching my daughter dance at her annual Christmas performance and get recognized for her leadership

👉 celebrating my friend and co-worker Carol Robertson as she celebrated a milestone birthday

👉 spending some alone time with my youngest and we actually watched a recent speech by Marc Nudelberg and talked about those lessons. Amazing to talk shop with a 9 year old – BOOM.

👉 dinner with my wife and the same 9 year old knucklehead who makes weird faces during a picture

👉 learning that there is actually a gun on the market that shoots toilet paper spit balls that travel 30 feet (9+ meters).

Let’s go FREAKING WIN THIS WEEK, this day, and the very next moment my friend…


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