How To Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Game

Was talking to an investor recently and he shared that in the majority of businesses he is looking to invest in (small American businesses that have technical products), have a problem with the 


He explained that he saw some common issues with the founders:
– Closed mindedness
– Limiting Beliefs
– Wrong team
– Lack of adoption of new techniques, ways of thinking, ways of doing business…
– lack of being self-propelled

So, his deal flow was low, because of the FOUNDER. 

Ok, so how do we LEVEL UP as Founders?

First, you gotta know your SUPERPOWER. What sets you apart from the rest as a Founder, Entrepreneur, or Business Owner? Knowing this will allow you to surround yourself with complimentary talents. For example, I need structure around me… So, plug that pc in…

Second, WHO you have on your team is (or will be) a direct reflection of your ability to grow, scale, and Launch into Momentum Phase. One molded pc of bread affects the entire loaf.

Third, do you have a playbook that you use inside your business to ensure success? No framework = no structure = no accountability = no successes…

I’ve struggled with all  over the years.

Start with yourself, then your team, then build the playbook.

You got this… There are investors ready…

If you want to learn more, let’s connect.

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