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Identifying The Right Target Customers Will Kick-start Your Early-Stage Startup

After exiting a couple of ventures, I had a highly respected PE Managing Partner talk about their focus on later-stage ventures and he inferred that I would never want to start over again. Wrong 

I love early-stage ventures and building them from inception. If you’ve gotten your venture lifted off, but still building


you’ve plateaued for some reason, here is my advice to you:

 Stay in “Attraction” phase as long as you need to until you are getting enough qualified leads at a reasonable cost.

Let’s unpack this a bit…

The trap for most founders is to start with the product, the service, and the invention….

Start with the customer…

What do they want?

What problems can you solve?

How can you help?


WHO ARE THEY? Define the single avatar that you can help with…

Don’t be tempted to move from this phase until you’ve nailed it…

If you want to learn more, feel free to connect with me, I’d be happy to share!

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