In Times of Uncertainty, Triple Down on Confidence

I really hate fear! I also really despise complacency.

But, I love π™˜π™€π™£π™›π™žπ™™π™šπ™£π™˜π™š. Confidence allows us to reach for new goals, tackle new obstacles, and simply means β€œπ™¬π™š π™–π™§π™š π™˜π™–π™₯π™–π™—π™‘π™šβ€.

Today, Team RemainSafe is moving into our new manufacturing and production facility so we can triple down on π™˜π™€π™£π™›π™žπ™™π™šπ™£π™˜π™š.

If you live in the southeast US, December was the deadliest and most active tornado season to date. I met friends over the holidays that talked about waking up their spouse in the middle of the night to get into their basement. I talked to co-workers who visited Kentucky and were devastated by the destruction.

To make an π™žπ™£π™›π™žπ™£π™žπ™©π™š π™žπ™’π™₯π™–π™˜π™© on this world, we only need to reach one (1) person… that one person could go on to impact one additional person, and so on and so on…

So, whether you are an entrepreneur setting out on your new endeavor, a school teacher preparing to head back to school, or a 12 year old little girl playing in her first β€œA” team basketball game as a 6th grader against 8th graders, lead with π™˜π™€π™£π™›π™žπ™™π™šπ™£π™˜π™š.

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