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Investing in Early-stage Startups is Fun

Yes, investing in early-stage startups is risky…  Yes, the path is not always clear… Yes, it can very financially rewarding…  Yes, it will build the muscles, wisdom, and fortitude to make 


I’m a huge believer in investing in early-stage and small businesses when:

 – The Founder, Entrepreneur, or Operator is Open Minded and Self Propelled

 – There is Product / Market Fit

 – They are willing to use the BSV Launch Playbook (this is our internal proven process to grow and scale great ventures into Momentum Phase).

The longer I play this game, the more confident I get in the notion that entrepreneurship is a sport and the longer you’re in the game, the more opportunities you will see results in making an Infinite Impact.

If you’re an investor and want to partner alongside us in our deals or see some of our deal flow, feel free to connect with me.

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