Life is about balance, Entrepreneurship is about cash flow…

Life is a balancing act and you get to choose the parameters. I made the choice to be a husband, a father, and run multiple companies. That sometimes means we spend a little time at a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon between games catching up on this past week and looking ahead to the week ahead.

Today, the task is completing our 13-week cash flow projections for Blacksmith VenturesRemainSafeCISTANT, and Purified Simple Solutions.

If you are a small business or startup – in growth phase or survival phase – cash flow analysis is a method to keep you finger on the pulse of your entire business. We do a 13-week forward looking projection for our businesses that accounts for each penny and projection. It takes me about an hour, but the value is tremendous. My title says CEO, but #entrepreneurship is my bloodline and a 13-week cash flow is part of my playbook.

Several weeks ago, I posted about a memory of my brother and I sitting in my dad’s truck while he worked overtime years ago. Fast forward to today and here I am with my youngest… Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.

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