Linkedin Doesn’t Work – Now What?

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or founder struggling to grow.  Struggling with the new way to sell digitally in 2022 and beyond.  This may be the session for you.  

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Who is this for?

  • Early stage B2B founders
  • Bootstrapping entrepreneurs and founders
  • Business owners who have reached their max potential and plateaued 

What are some of the topics we will cover? 

  • I have my proof of concept, now what? We keep our heads down, working towards something and when it’s done we realise that we should’ve started selling way before I started working on the POC
  • I’ve been running on WOM, but I have no idea how to market myself.
  • “Linkedin doesn’t work”
  • We are the #1 stopper to our success / to getting the next client.
  • 2022 predictions/large or small (your business or the world)
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