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Money Is Not Always The Answer

Putting out content will both attract (and repel) your tribe. I am “attracting” a ton of Founders & Entrepreneurs who think money will answer all their prayers. In all my successful ventures 

 We sold our way to success 

What does that mean?

It means, go find a customer, love on them, solve their problem, and use their success to propel your venture to the next success.

Quit thinking MONEY will solve all your startup’s problems…

Money is a clutch that enables you to continue your bad habits, decisions, and small-boy thinking…

Take the money away and see how creative you become and how the trajectory of your business changes.

Here are two examples of founders we work with:

 Founder is unwilling to accept additional investment (EVEN THOUGH HIS INVESTORS WANT TO INVEST) because he first wants to enhance his attraction percentage 

 Founder is looking to 1st establish the team, partnerships, product/market fit THEN raise money to accelerate vs launch… 

This is not easy to do alone… If you’re stuck, reach out… Let’s not discuss money… Let’s discuss your framework & playbook that is going to take your venture to the momentum phase.

Forge ahead, fellow founder…


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