My Kids Found Out I’m Cool – At Least I Thought…

So, here are a few take-aways from Saturday night shenanigans at “Casa de la Smith”.  

Some backstory…. I love learning trendy new things, watching where the fast paced cool kids are going, and being adapt at this new world of e-networking.  I love it so much that over the last few months, I set out to emulate the trends of setting up a personal website/blog, getting myself a calendly invite link, hooking up zoom to my website so I can hop right on a call, creating a Linktree QR code, etc, etc…. All sounds super boujee to my Clean Energy, Logistics, and Emergency Preparedness friends, I 100% get it…

Well, last night my kids discovered the fruits of my labor.  I am not sure if I was showing off and bragging about it or if my oldest, very savy, instagram daughter found it…  But, here is what transpired next: 

👉 – The oldest kid:  Makes fun of me to the family that she went to make an appointment, but I didn’t accept.

👉 – My middle kid hears this and quietly sneeks out to find the ‘family computer’.

👉 – I continue to lay on the floor exhausted from a busy Saturday.

Next thing you know, I start getting a series of messages….  👇👇👇

Some take-aways…

🤔 I clearly use “brother” too much

🤔 Knowing where and how to interact with your customer is key

🤔 The more you put yourself out there the more people you’ll meet

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