Natural Disasters Expo - 65

Natural Disasters Expo USA: Day 2 Update

Day 2 of the Natural Disasters Expo USA starts today here in Miami Beach.

Day 1 was a major success… Even reconnected with some #oilandgas OGs…

Agenda for the day:

 5:45am (reading + water/coffee + day prep)

 6:45am (workout – trying a baller-looking south beach gym)

 7:45am (short run – saw Kevin O Leary on yesterday’s run)

 9:00am (two video calls – both new biz opportunities)

10:00am (Going back to the same juice bar as yesterday  )

 10:30am (Expo Time)

 1:00pm (Go Live Time from the Expo)

 2:00pm onward… (Find where the relationships can be made)

My goal while I’m traveling, at the trade show, or on the beach is to meet the 1 person that can change the trajectory of any of our ventures…

I’d be happy to share more about this experience, connect with me if you want to hear my story!

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