proper delegation helps

Proper Delegation Helps Me Be Where I’m Needed Most

Here was my day yesterday. Still got in all the reps (mostly due to the fact that we put systems in for everything), but in between calls I was checking on a sick kid, making rice, and grabbing fluids. 👇

Each day we must prioritize the “WIN”.

Here were a few wins from yesterday:

– Quoted a huge project for one of our Ventures (I actually prepared the quote based on our VPs notes). I call this the dirty reps. Took about 30 minutes.

– Quality time with my daughter even though she was confined to her room

– Amazing call with an Investor Accelerator group for one of our Ventures

– Two calls with guys I adore who pour into me

– Got my workout in, shot BSV Launch Episode 5 (will drop on YouTube Thursday), took my other kid to soccer, recorded this, and met with each of our Operators for our weekly Catchup.

– “Work Day” starts at 7am and ends around 8:30pm, but the individual moments are what count.

I’m always focused on the “forward”, but thought I’d share a brief look back to yesterday…

My wife is back to tag in today, but yesterday was awesome. Now, time to focus on today’s moments…

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