Remember Legos? Let’s Compare it to Venture Building

Lego Building and Venture Building – The BlackSmith

Man, Lego’s were my jam. I had 2 or 3 buckets of random pieces that I’d put together and just build stuff.

It took 4 Ingredients to do that:

 – A big dream

 – A playbook / framework of “how”

 – YOU (the Operator, team, or individual to put the pieces together)

 – An Investor (aka Partner to fund the build)

There’s a lot of similarities between Legos & Venture Building, which is maybe why I love this stuff so much.

Enjoy your weekend friends. Go build something cool… 

If you get stuck, reach out. I’ll be your wingman. Want to learn more about our BlackSmith Venture’s Launch Program? Click here

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