Safety, Security, and Confidence… RemainSafe

Blacksmith Ventures was founded to take innovative and emerging products to market…at scale. Our first acquisition was a local storm shelter manufacturer in north Alabama who was dominating the local #homebuilders market.

Our vision, and investment thesis, is to create a nationwide brand around #emergencypreparedness. Something, we believe, is critical to our basic needs as humans around safety, security, and confidence.

We quickly rebranded the company to RemainSafe in order to add products and serve both B2B (i.e. Home Builders and Contractors) and B2C (us – the consumer).

In January 2022, we opened our own manufacturing facility in Decatur, AL to ramp up production.

The product’s story started in 2011… RemainSafe‘s story is just beginning…

Stay prepared, stay safe, remain confident friends…

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