Storm Shelters Save Lives

The tornados that ravaged through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas on Dec 10-11 resulted in the deadliest on record in December. The final count that night had 👇

𝟲𝟵 Confirmed Tornados
𝟵𝟬 Confirmed Fatalities
𝟮 EF-4 Tornados

RemainSafe is one of our BlackSmith Ventures platform companies and focuses on the design, manufacturing, and installation of FEMA Compliant Safe Rooms, Tornado Shelters, and Panic Rooms.

I want to take a moment to recognize Carol Robertson for working around the clock during this unsettling time. Her heartfelt dedication to those impacted is encouragement to us all. It was so encouraging this week to see here get recognized by one of our new customers (see the note he wrote her in the photos).

To learn more about RemainSafe or any of the Blacksmith Ventures companies scan the QR code in the photos below.

Safe Rooms Save Lives


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