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The Importance of Having a Clear Vision in Your Venture

I saw a great post yesterday comparing Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Business Operators, and Business Owners.

Now, from a BlackSmith’s viewpoint:

The Investor and The Venture Builder 👇

➡️Investors typically provide funding in exchange for equity or ownership in a company, and their involvement is primarily financial. They may offer strategic guidance and connections, but their primary focus is on maximizing returns on their investment.

➡️ On the other hand, venture builders take a more hands-on approach. They typically provide more than just funding, but also expertise, resources, and operational support to help startups grow and scale. They may even be involved in founding or co-founding a company, and their success is tied to the success of the startup.

If you’re an “entrepreneur” looking for an “investment”, please make DANG SURE you have the tools, framework, and playbook to successfully take your “venture” from inception to the momentum phase.

I’m getting way too many calls from optimistic founders asking for money when there is NO PLAN.

Need a plan? Let’s talk and build that venture…

Need money? Call an investor.


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