The Mindset around working together to grow, scale, and thrive

Social Media has become a critical part of our existence and its very hard to be great at it…  Staying on brand, staying on point, staying on topic, being authentic, etc, etc.  

Jordan Triplett handles our RemainSafe social media and engages with clients on Facebook, Instagram, etc.    We decided weeks ago to meet for 1-2 hours each Monday to plan, discuss, create, (be creative).   

But, we are very different.  She’s a creative and I’m an engineer.    

The formula works, though, so we thought we’d make a quick video on how we cope with working together given our different styles, approaches, and personalities… which has actually grown us both and creates a superpower.    

Here are Jordan’s top 3 ideas for working with others…  

👉 – Stay openminded to new and different ideas, approaches, thoughts.  

👉 – Eliminate ego (accept feedback)  

👉 – Willingness to change, adapt, and pivot (grow)  

👉 – Be comfortable and confident in your convictions and know that your opinion matters (she didn’t say this one, but its built within her sole).  

Just a short message of encouragement today Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Founders.  Let’s Go win the day.  #BSV #founders #entrepreneurship

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