The Power of Rebranding: Success Stories from Major Companies

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a compelling brand that connects with your target audience. But sometimes, even the best brands need a refresh. Rebranding can be a powerful tool for repositioning your business and attracting new customers. Let’s take a look at four major companies that underwent successful rebranding efforts, and explore the lessons you can apply to your own business.


In 2014, Airbnb underwent a major rebranding effort, updating its logo and overall design aesthetic. The new branding was more modern and sleek, which helped to position the company as a more upscale and sophisticated option for travelers. The new branding signaled that Airbnb was more than just a platform for budget-friendly lodging, it was a new way to travel. Today Airbnb has increased its popularity and is one of the most successful online hotel booking platforms.


In 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that it was changing its name to simply “Dunkin’.” The company’s rebranding was part of an effort to position itself as more than just a donut shop, and it was accompanied by a new logo and marketing campaign. Dunkin’ reported increased sales and a renewed focus on its coffee offerings after the successful rebranding was implemented. With a clearer and more modernly designed identity, its focus expanded to be “on-the-go” and “everyday lifestyle.”  

Old Spice:

In the early 2000s, Old Spice was seen as an outdated brand that appealed primarily to older men. However, in 2010, the company underwent a major rebranding effort that helped to reposition it as a more modern and youthful brand. The new branding was accompanied by a humorous advertising campaign that went viral, and Old Spice became a hit with younger consumers. The comedic advertising captured a younger audience and proved that it was possible to be fun and fresh even when offering old products.


Target has always been known for its unique branding, but in 2017, the company unveiled a new logo and design aesthetic. The minimalist branding signaled Target’s attempt to reposition itself as a sophisticated and upscale retailer. Target’s rebranding effort was a success, with increased sales and an emphasis on their offerings. The redesign of the logo created a more clean and elegant design which attracted more customers to their stores.

Rebranding is a powerful way to reposition your company and attract new customers. We could learn a few things from these big brands that have already gone through successful rebrands. Stories of major companies like Airbnb, Dunkin’, Old Spice, and Target are helpful because it teaches us just how important relevance is and keeping tabs on the customer’s ever-changing preferences. Always remember that a well-designed rebrand should also be accompanied by the right marketing campaign to achieve successful results. Updating your brand doesn’t necessarily mean changing your whole inventory or services, it is simply a way of keeping up and staying in line with consumer demands over the years.

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