Two Types of Investors

I have two types of investors that support our ventures. 
 Passive Investors and  Partners.  Here’s the difference;

 Passive Investors simply invest with us assuming no time commitment because they want to be a part of something great.  I use “WIN” – Wealth, Impact, Novelty as an acronym because it’s really about more than money.

 Active Investors (we call them Partners) invest alongside us (“alongside” because we invest a significant amount of our own money and time into each venture).  They are looking for something different. 

Active Investors are looking to partner with us to inject their wisdom, talents, and experiences in order to give back, create a legacy, and have a crap ton of fun.

This weekend, I played “ACTIVE INVESTOR”.  I provided the wisdom, resources, and experience to create a “WIN”.

“Wealth” – I accomplished a task I needed to do and saved my time.

“Impact” – They laughed, learned, and bonded the entire time (memories)

“Novelty” – They experienced something they’ve never done before and will never forget (new, fun experiences).

How are you going to “WIN” today?

If you want to learn more about how we do it inside our ventures, visit theblacksmith.com

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