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What Important Factors Do You Keep Your Focus On?

Funny story… Started first venture in 2007, recapped in 2012. We took a few of our early employees to Miami to celebrate (baby faces), and yesterday I had lunch at that same spot. Reflected on 

What factors led to that success?

 It took an amazing amount of unwavering faith to never give up, keep going, and persevere through some insanely tough times.

 It took meeting “just the right people” at “just the right time” –> being in the game.

 It took being laser-focused on two key areas 

 The first was keeping costs low. My co-founder lived in Europe and would come over every 6-8 weeks. We bootstrapped this baby with a $34,500 initial investment each. We shared everything from a budget hotel, and Waffle House meal, to traveling hundreds of miles in a truck we borrowed from family to find suppliers and partners (the blacksmiths of today).

 The second was an insane focus on what we now call “ATTRACT” within our BSV Launch Program. Our time, energy, and efforts were spent on

– Targeting our ideal avatar/customer {SALES}
– Building up our brand {MARKETING}

The tools, methods, and practices have radically changed in the last 15 years – to allow us to now go much faster, but the discipline and focus on the process remain the same.

I’ll be going LIVE tomorrow from Miami at the Natural Disaster Expo (technology willing, ha)… Stay tuned for more details…

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