Where does the term ‘Blacksmith on the corner’ originate?

Where does the term ‘Blacksmith on the corner’ originate?

A blacksmith’s shop used to be a common sight in most towns and cities, whether or not they were actually full-time blacksmiths. For most people, the phrase blacksmith on the corner used to be common before it became something from the distant past of our grandparents’ generation. But how did this term come about? Where does it originate?

The Origin

One of the most traditional ways to make a living is as a blacksmith. This craft has been around for thousands of years, and while it has undergone many changes in that time, there are still many individuals who specialize in iron-based projects. Many people know how to shoe horses or mend broken wagon wheels when they need it, but few recognize their business acumen.

Wrought Iron

The time frame for blacksmiths in Colonial America was short. While demand for iron goods existed, it was hard to find skilled workers. European settlers found Native Americans who worked with iron, but because of their religious beliefs, they often didn’t want to do outside work or labor. Some of these talented men and women did take jobs as blacksmiths, but they were few and far between.

One Man Show

In most cases, it is a reference to an old Blacksmith who would shoe horses in front of his shop. People would say blacksmith on the corner as a way to let their friends know that they were close and should meet up soon. The phrase continues today as a friendly and universal greeting between men, no matter what race or color, suggesting unity among men to each other and society at large.

The End

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