Why is Social Media So Hard, ugh?

In 2021, I began to realize that the industries we serve at #BSV (Clean Energy, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Mining, and Emergency Preparedness) were going through somewhat of a digital transformation.

I started getting more serious about Linkedin in August 2021 as many of our customers moved online (some had been there for a long time and some still haven’t migrated online yet). In that time, I’ve met some amazing people from all over the world.

But, being yourself on social media is a challenge for many.

I think to learn anything new, you have to just practice. I started really “practicing” in August of this year when I decided to post daily content here on Linkedin. It was really hard at first… Over time it got easier… Just remember, perfection doesn’t exist so just go be you. Failure doesn’t exist – learning does.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Founders:

👉 – If you are new to social media, starting is the hardest part. I learned by engaging with others, commenting on other’s posts, and then beginning to post.

👉 – Next step once you get comfortable? Stay consistent, evaluate, modify if needed, pivot if needed, just tell your story, inform, and invite.

My biggest takeaway is to find out where your customer’s hang out and ask yourself how you can provide the most value to them.

Each month, Kevin BelzZINEB LAYACHI, and I hop on a “Jam Session” where we talk #entrepreneurship and #founderstories.
Love to have you join us sometime.

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